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A new way to book your luxury ski holidays in Switzerland

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Chalet Roselle

Verbier, Switzerland // Sleeps 8

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Ivouette 011

Verbier, Switzerland // Sleeps 6

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Chalet Melilot

Verbier, Switzerland // Sleeps 4

We are a new luxury holiday company that offers some simple choices to our travellers, allowing you to consume less and have a positive impact where you stay. Inspired by the Swedish philosophy of Lagom (pronounced 'la' like 'far' and 'gom' like 'from'). The word has no direct translation in English but is best and most simply understood as 'just right'.

Lagom is about each and every individual deciding the balance that suits them best. What is lagom for one, might not be lagom for another.

At Lagom we give you simple choices... How often do you want your bed linen laundered? Do you want toiletries or not? Small things which, added up, make a difference.

Brought to you by the creators of Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne, two long established luxury brands in the Alps. We wanted to find a way to incorporate our collective knowledge and experience in luxury ski chalet vacations with a way to give a little back to the landscape and communities we love.

Lagom provides beautiful accommodation with sustainability and positive impact at its core. Luxury travel is in our DNA.

The Concept

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Choose when & where you want to go

Decide where and when you want to holiday.

Based on these selections we'll display your available options.

Once you've found your perfect property you are ready for step 2.

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Use only what you need

Herein is the innovation . With your dates and property selected you now get to fine-tune your service selection. Decide how much is enough for you? Daily housekeeping or just mid-week? Include toiletries or not? Do you want robes and slippers or not?

All-the-while as you make decisions that reduce the price of your holiday, you are also reducing your carbon emissions.

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Save or Book

Great you have chosen your accommodation, and tailored your services.

Now, before you book and pay decide whether you want to offset the carbon emissions of your choices, happy that you are joining a movement of considered fully immersive experiential travel.

Start your search now

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Find out how being lagom can lead to positive impact decision-making

We started out with a love of the mountains and of nature. Change can be hard. But we think with Lagom we have found a way to make some small changes. Giving some simple choices which allow you to travel in style while consuming less and making a positive contribution to the local community and environment.

Featured Properties

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Is your property Lagom?