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Where does that 1% for the planet actually go?

Sustainability // Natasha Robertson

One of the first strategic decisions we made when we created Lagom was that we wanted to ensure that we have a clear direction on corporate social responsibility. Through this we knew we could give you, our guests, the chance to give back to this beautiful environment that you clearly love. The mountains. So we […]

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The truth is we have been running luxury ski holiday companies for a long time.  We operate Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne in the Alps, both very smart chalet outfits with beautiful chalets and lots of wonderful services.  Over the years though we have become aware of a need for something simpler in the mix.  […]

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Featured Properties

  • Mount Whitney

    Mount Whitney

    Zermatt / Switzerland
    Sleeps 8 + 2
  • Valentine Penthouse

    Valentine Penthouse

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 8
  • Valentine 211

    Valentine 211

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6 + 1
  • Kern Peak

    Kern Peak

    Zermatt / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Twin Peak

    Twin Peak

    Zermatt / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Basalte 103

    Basalte 103

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
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