Is your property Lagom?

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Lagom properties are beautiful, comfortable, simple and stylish. If your property ticks all of the following criteria then please do contact us:

Featured Properties

  • Valentine Penthouse

    Valentine Penthouse

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 8
  • Valentine 211

    Valentine 211

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6 + 1
  • Kern Peak

    Kern Peak

    Zermatt / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Twin Peak

    Twin Peak

    Zermatt / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Basalte 103

    Basalte 103

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Eclat Soleil 126

    Eclat Soleil 126

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 4 + 2
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