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Welcome to Lagom. how the brand came to be.

News by Natasha Robertson

The truth is we have been running luxury ski holiday companies for a long time.  We operate Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne in the Alps, both very smart chalet outfits with beautiful chalets and lots of wonderful services.  Over the years though we have become aware of a need for something simpler in the mix.  A holiday company that can assure quality, somewhere beautiful to stay, but offering a paired back service. Allowing travellers to have a fuss-free stay and reap the rewards of less expensive holidays coupled with using fewer consumables, wasting less energy, doing a little something for the environment.

We have a lot of Swedish friends out here in the Alps, they seem to like the mountains. The Swedish concept of Lagom really hit home as the perfect principle to keep us on the right heading. This approach to life means nothing too much, not too little, just the right amount. Lagom when applied to homes, makes for strikingly simple design and the Swedish are unrivalled when it comes to beauty in simplicity.

So we had our guiding principle – keep it simple. As we started to explore what that could mean we saw an opportunity to throw out the rule book of what luxury travel has to entail.  One thing we have learnt over the last 15 years of running successful chalet companies is that in hospitality PERSONAL CHOICE IS LUXURY.

Once we understood that, we were free to offer our Lagom guests the choice to either take or leave all the usual 5 Star items that have become de rigeur. Lagom allows guests to take away what they deem unnecessary for their holiday, robes can go, we can lose multiple towel changes and even toiletries can be left out.  We noticed that with each change the guests could make there was potential for a small positive impact for the environment, and the costs came down too, double the upside.

Excited by the idea that some tiny service changes could add up to a lot of plastics and CO2 emissions saved, over many bookings, we decided to go one step further. We have made a pledge to donate 1% of Lagom turnover to support local projects, benefiting the local environment or community.

We know that what we are doing here won’t solve the world’s problems. This is not what we’re claiming, but we also recognise that all of us are trying to do a little more in our daily lives, be more mindful, recycle and compost more, use less single use plastic.

With Lagom we are just creating a holiday where you can carry on some of those good habits, even while you are away.

Let’s hope we are the first of many to help you consume a little less while you holiday and reward you with a less expensive trip. A journey of a thousand miles can start with a single step after all.

Lagom DNA String
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Featured Properties

  • Chalet Acélia

    Chalet Acélia

    Courchevel / France
    Sleeps 8 + 2
  • Chalet Roselle

    Chalet Roselle

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 8
  • Eclat Soleil 227

    Eclat Soleil 227

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6 + 2
  • Apartment Grignot

    Apartment Grignot

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6 + 2
  • Ivouette 011

    Ivouette 011

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 6
  • Eclat Soleil 126

    Eclat Soleil 126

    Verbier / Switzerland
    Sleeps 4