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Where does that 1% for the planet actually go?

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One of the first strategic decisions we made when we created Lagom was that we wanted to ensure that we have a clear direction on corporate social responsibility. Through this we knew we could give you, our guests, the chance to give back to this beautiful environment that you clearly love. The mountains.

So we started the search. At the outset we felt that it was super important to find an environmental organisation working locally directly where you holiday. We wanted to make a genuine positive impact on the environment with your money. We did our homework and in the end the decision was so easy.

It was shocking to find out how much rubbish is dropped in the mountains every year. It ends up being washed down rivers, into the beautiful mountain lakes, and eventually finding its way into the major water systems in the valley bottom. Not to mention the impact it has on local flora and fauna. This has inspired us to join forces with Summit Foundation, partners of the global movement 1% for the Planet to do our part to help turn things around.

The guys at Summit Foundation have spent the last 18 years working to reduce the environmental impact of humans in ski resorts. Every year hundreds of tonnes of plastic, cigarette butts and other debris are exposed during the warmer months in the Alps after the snow melts.   Summit Foundation focus on cleaning up the mountains, ridding them of the litter left behind by visitors and locals alike. Summit Foundation will be using 1% of our turnover to organise clean-up days, increase development to find concrete solutions to tackle littering and increase marketing and education.

The NGO has cleared in excess of 150 tonnes of debris since they began operating. Here’s what their Exec Director, Oliver Kressman had to say about our collaboration,

“Summit Foundation is honoured to have been selected by Lagom to be the NGO which will benefit from their contribution to the “1% for the Planet” programme. We are looking forward to working closely together in order to help Lagom develop their commitment to corporate social responsibility and greener holidays in the Alps”

We hope you will agree we are spending your money wisely and will be as delighted as we are that you have contributed to protecting your holiday environment for generations to come.

Lagom DNA String
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